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Akisa Web Theme #6

This is the 6th version of this image. I had so much trouble with it due to the background and then when I actually finish it, I create the entire background digitally. *sigh* Nothing is ever easy.

I have to say that I am impressed with how this one turned out. The real trick was the light gradient superimposed over Akisa. That gave it the proper look of point source light from her MP3 player.

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A new interface for deninet.com. I've been unhappy with the current "daydream" theme for a while, since it was too spartan although highly configurable.

This one, at least in photoshop, uses some new elements I'm not used to. Fixed height, perhaps even fixed length. The main menu isn't a focus, although the breadcrumb trail is. The main text area will also have to be a scrolling div, although not pictured in the mockup directly.

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