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The House Thing

So, the house thing.

We were hoping to buy a house using Federal Home Assistance and get a lower down payment. We found a great place, but it has it's warts. We offered $110k initially. That was quickly revised down to $106k on initial negotiation.

We waited, and then we hit a snag. The house is supposed to be a "short sale". This means the seller walks away with nothing, no profit, but no loss. The seller must prove financial hardship to make this work. They must be delinquent on payments.

They payed the month after our initial offer.

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It's extraordinarily hot in Minnesota today. Yesterday we avoided it by driving up to Grant's in the morning. Today, however, there appears to be no where we can escape save for the local coffee shop. They say that it's the winters here that cause cabin fever. They failed to account for the swealtering summers and the constant drone of AC units.

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The Cylonduino, or, my first Arduino Experiement

I've been putting in a lot of extra hours at work the last week in anticipation of an editing deadline. Despite this, I thought it was about time that I attempt a little hardware hacking. Even before computers, I was facinated by electronics. I read book after book, but had little success in applying any of that knowledge beyond kits bought from Radio Shack. Given my recently revived interest in Ham Radio, it was only a matter of time before I'd turn my attention back to this, my oldest of hobbies.

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Goodbye, Kimiko

The weekend before we put her asleep was very rough. She couldn't keep anything inside of her for long. Her fur was covered in nasty stuff this morning. She didn't have the energy to get to the catbox less than a meter away, or clean herself afterward.

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The Stylus isn't an Inert Element

This morning an article came across my feed that crystallized to me how wrong-headed the tech blogosphere is about the stylus. In this Read-write-web article, the author argues that the iPad isn't a proper drawing surface. I am in complete agreement with this point. A touchable interface is the cornerstone of the Tablet experience. Unfortunately, the Tablet fails when it comes to the production of artistic works.

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The Coming Tablet World

Earlier this evening a friend sent out a request on Twitter:

@[redacted] needs a new laptop. Any recommendations? She needs win7 and not too expensive.

I found something that met the criteria and quickly sent off a reply. There wasn't much too the request. Desktop Computers (including laptops) haven't changed much for the last few years. Even the specs have for the most part stabilized: 2 to 4 cores, 1.5-2.1 GHz, 4 - 8GB of memory, Hard Drives up to 750GB... Getting a new computer is simply no longer exciting. 

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Getting Forked

Since last weekend, I spent my evenings manually moving content on deninet. It many ways, it was an exhausting process, but it gave me something to do while I suffer through the last two seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. Let me chart how I arrived at this point. 

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The Drupal centric company Acquia may be interested in hiring me. I've been trading emails with one of their HR people for the last two weeks, and as of this post, I'm waiting for them to review some of my code. 

I never expected it to get this far, but I didn't expect it either. My own feelings were difficult to unwrap when I sent of my CV to them. I'm bored with my job at BMC. They pay well, the work is more or less easy, and I'm left to my own devices. One would think I would be happy with that, consider myself lucky, and go on my marry way. 

I can't.


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