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Null Editors and OSN Import 2

For the last year, I've been working on writing import code for OSNews.com. It's been a lengthy process due to the fact that I'm doing this when I can spare the time. Some weeks there's furious development, others none at all. Some months ago I had the first complete version of the import code working. It was a completely custom module, relying only on core APIs to get the job done. I knew that the Migrate module existed, and provided a lauded framework for importing content into Drupal.

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The Road to deninet 7: What Does and Doesn't Work

It's been a very tiring few weeks for me. Originally I wanted to put this post up within days of the new version of the site going live, but things didn't quite work out that way. I've been under two concurrent deadlines at work, both of which only resolved late last week. The Monday before that, a drain pipe in my basement collapsed, resulting in a very late night of cleanup and worry. We managed to sort that out within 24 hours, but it cost some $560 to repair. The weekend prior to that I was already in the process of rewriting import code for OSNews.com.

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"Star Trek: Destiny" Review

It goes without saying that I love Star Trek. I 'll proudly say that I 've watched every movie, every episode, of every series. Yes, even Voyager, although by the end I felt I was doing so on principle. I 've read a couple of Star Trek novels in my youth, but they were never a big part of my fandom.

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For the last year I've been working on writing import code for the OSNews website into Drupal 7. It actually wasn't such long task as it might sound. I'm working on this project gratis, and spending my limited free time in order to make it happen. If I someone had hired me to do this, I might have gotten this done inside of a month. 

The project has gone in fits and starts for the entire year since I agreed to work on it. Some days I would just have no time, or no energy, or the requirements of work or home life were simply too demanding to set my mind to coding.

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The Joys of Homeownership

I spent most of the day conducting a cellophane gamble. Will weather sealing the windows in my house actually keep the place warmer?

The house was built in 1915. It's been remodeled and updated and modified so many times since, that I'm unsure just what in the house is original, and what isn't. It's a lovely place, with a distinct personality that instantly drew me to it as soon as I saw the pictures back in June. We only just closed the sale two weeks ago and finally moved in a week ago. 

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The House Thing

So, the house thing.

We were hoping to buy a house using Federal Home Assistance and get a lower down payment. We found a great place, but it has it's warts. We offered $110k initially. That was quickly revised down to $106k on initial negotiation.

We waited, and then we hit a snag. The house is supposed to be a "short sale". This means the seller walks away with nothing, no profit, but no loss. The seller must prove financial hardship to make this work. They must be delinquent on payments.

They payed the month after our initial offer.

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It's extraordinarily hot in Minnesota today. Yesterday we avoided it by driving up to Grant's in the morning. Today, however, there appears to be no where we can escape save for the local coffee shop. They say that it's the winters here that cause cabin fever. They failed to account for the swealtering summers and the constant drone of AC units.

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The Cylonduino, or, my first Arduino Experiement

I've been putting in a lot of extra hours at work the last week in anticipation of an editing deadline. Despite this, I thought it was about time that I attempt a little hardware hacking. Even before computers, I was facinated by electronics. I read book after book, but had little success in applying any of that knowledge beyond kits bought from Radio Shack. Given my recently revived interest in Ham Radio, it was only a matter of time before I'd turn my attention back to this, my oldest of hobbies.


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