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Work Journal for Monday, July 2nd 2013

Work went a bit better on the second half today.

I had started a post early this morning, trying to sort out what I should do with the first module of the MMTM class. I finally started to sort out the "plot" when my browser locked up, resulting in the post being tossed in the bit bucket where deleted files and previously allocated memory go. Thankfully, I was able to copy everything down to the summary slide of the module. This made me wonder if I should always start with the summary slide of the module, instead of starting from the first slide. 

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Work Journal for Monday, July 1st 2013

Work started off well this morning. I was sorting out what of the existing course material needs additional polish. Instead of starting at the first module, I started at the third module and started to work backwards. Most of the course is actually in a pretty good state. All of the lessons lack quizzes, of course, but modules two and three are fairly solid. Module one on the other hand, feels muddled and confused. Somewhere in the process of trying to describe the product and why it exists, I became lost. 

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Work Journal for Monday, June 10th 2013

Note: This is a "work journal" entry. Historically, I've kept these in a file on my work machine, but I'm getting sick of trying to maintain that system. Instead, I'm going to start dumping it here. Feel free to ignore this post as it's mostly a way of me figuring things out at work when I'm really, really stuck. Future work journal posts will probably be posted here too.

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Late Night Balamb Garden TV

Tricia: "We will miss you, Odo. But you will miss us even more."
Don't worry. I'm sure your respective principles will keep you warm at night.
me: That and a fully charged phaser.
Tricia: Phaser's heat the rocks that boil the water that makes the steam that powers this mill. And that, kiddo, is how flour is made.
me: snickers "Is having a gun under your pillow keeping you up at night? Try new gunpillow! The first gun that's also a pillow!"
Tricia: XD

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DrupalCon Portland 2013: Day 3

If it weren't for the code sprints the following day, my third day at DrupalCon would have been much more wistful. I hugged Pazi before I left for the day, as when I returned in the evening, she would be half-way to California. Like yesterday, the keynote was right away in the morning. Unlike all the other keynotes, I didn't much care for this one. In fact, it made me a little annoyed. The speaker used to work at Apple (as well as other companies) and the slightly smug and superior attitude I expect from Apple fanpeople was here too.

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DrupalCon Portland 2013: Day 2

My second day at DrupalCon Portland 2013 was also the longest day of sessions. There was a keynote session right away in the morning. I didn't feel the need to go, but I got up early anyways. Unlike the previous day, I managed to get a seat in the same room as the speaker, rather than the overflow room. Perhaps it was the fatigue, or the fact that it was in the morning that resulted in my inability to remember much of anything about the session.

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DrupalCon Portland 2013: Day 1

The morning started at 6:30am. I gave myself extra time to prepare myself before heading out as I wanted have a more professional appearance on my first day. I knew that my sponsor, Palantir.net, wanted me to attend one of their sessions in which they would introduce all of those that received a DrupalCon ticket. I didn't know to what extent this involved, so I over prepared. I poached eggs for breakfast, used the oven to toast bread, and then walked to the nearest Max station.


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