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The Unconventional Mac

Wednesday morning I was expecting to get in my next paycheck as well as some extra from cashed company stocks. The company I work for, like so many in the tech field lately, went from public to private. This resulted in all my remaining shares being cashed out in two payments. I was expecting the last of those this morning. I already had a number in mind, and planned out my finances accordingly.

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The New Laptop Game -- Late 2013 Edition

Since my last post, I still have yet to buy a new laptop.  I'm still relying on the one provided to my through work. Since then, the Dell E6410 has developed a habit of overheating, and the battery that came with the unit had seriously degraded in running time. I've since bought a new battery, and replaced the thermal paste throughout the motherboard. The system is due to be replaced sometime in the first half of the year. When it is, I'm certain work will have locked it down in both OS and BIOS.

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Porting Flag to Drupal 8: PSR-0

MuIn the previous post, we had just started with porting the Flag module over to Drupal 8. We converted the *.info file to the new YAML file format. We also created a branch in the git repository on Drupal.org. At this point, the module is far from functional. While we can enable it, even visit the Admin > Structure > Flags page, creating a flag results in a massive 500 error on the server. Our next task is to find out why that happened, and do what we can to fix it. 

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Porting Flag to Drupal 8: Branching and Info Files

I was rinsing my hair in the shower trying to think of what to do with myself the next two weeks. 

I'm usually horrible with vacations. If I don't give myself a task on which to focus, I'll end my time off feeling exhausted, unfulfilled, and angry at myself for "wasting" so much precious time. I've wanted to contribute to Drupal 8 so badly these last few months that sometimes I'd go to bed after a long day of work and household duties tearful. So when my vacation time started, I decided I wanted to work on Drupal 8, but what specifically?

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A blog entry in two parts

Yesterday was very frustrating. The roofing guy was late, and did not give an immediate estimate. While this is actually a good sign as I feel they will provide a much firmer estimate than all others, it is delaying the entire decision process. What really got to me, however, was that Pashy's new laptop appears to be damaged on arrival. I understand that it's not my fault, and that Zareason has procedures to handle this sort of thing, but it hasn't prevented me from beating myself up about it.


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