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Unnecessary Toys; North Shore Therapy

Test drove a Prius C over the weekend. It felt so much like my old car, but a hybrid. If I needed a car, and if it wasn't red, I might be driving again today.

I also did some scooter shopping. While they're all conventional drive vehicles, the lower cost, and summer-only use encourages me to consider getting one. When bought used, they are only about $3k for a well-maintained bike.

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And the world rewards you for it

It’s not that I’ve forgotten how to self-care, it’s that I’ve actively dismantled my ability for it, not just for days, weeks, or months, but years. There was a moment during high school where I went, “if I’m only worth my ability to work, then to hell with how I feel about it.” I became not only a hard worker, but an obsessive, relentless worker that forgot about vacations and most concepts of working hours. If it had to be done, I’d be the one to do it.

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Feeding the Monster

Social networks don’t want you to be able to block people. 

Imagine a social network as a the monster plant from Little Shop of Horrors. It doesn’t care about you, or your friends, or anyone. It just wants to be fed. How do social networks feed? By the posts, reblogs, follows, likes, profile information, and anything else you shovel into its gaping maw. 

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LED Streetlights

As much as I want LED, solar powered street lights, I keep thinking about a problem many southern dwelling designers never considered. 


A few years ago -- far before LA's switch -- Wisconsin tried to switch to LED bulbs for power savings in their existing light fixtures. It was working great until a front of wet, sticky snow came through. Snow stuck to the fixtures, eventually covering the light and making it useless. 

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That moment you look around and see the mess you're in

It occurred to me this morning that I've more or less stopped socializing the last few years, the last year in particular. I rarely see friends, I spend my weekends buried in projects or house upkeep. When I do see friends I'm so burned out and exhausted that I'm not all that talkative.

It's understandable given that I've worked a job that I've long since stopped finding interesting. Instead of providing me engagement and interest, it merely saps my energy. I try to get some of that back in my off time through Drupal projects, but that leaves me little conscious down time.

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I was in a bit of a tinkery mood today. Originally, I was intending to spend the day coding after once I was finished with groceries. Instead, I wanted to work with my hands. Coding and typing on a keyboard simply doesn't satisfy that craving.

I had the idea a few days ago to take one of the Raspberry Pis and put the media center software XBMC on it. Parts:


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