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"You shouldn't need a case"

A few weeks ago this opinion wandered across my social media streams. At first, it seems level-headed and sensible. The more I think about it however, the more short-sighted it seems. If you've never needed a case, or never had problems holding your smartphone, it might be easy to think that your experience applies to everyone.

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New Oscilloscope

Since I was very small, I wanted an oscilloscope.

As a child in the 80s, this was a nearly impossible want. New ones were unthinkably expensive, while used ones were rare in working condition. I eventually did get my then tiny hands on a clunky, heavy, rack mounted unit with a screen the same color as Thai iced tea. It never worked, of course, but I didn't figure that out until years later. Eventually, it ended up in the bin with a lot of my childhood things.

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This week's theme is plumbing

  • Dishwasher not cleaning – Mitigated. Water wasn’t hot enough led to a build up of nasty and a partial trap clog.
  • Kitchen sink sprayer leaking – Replaced. Original one that came with tap always had a dodgy connection.
  • Bathtub mystery leaking – Failed section of tub caulk replaced. Good to know I can pull that off now. The water damage to the floor remains and has always been a known problem in this house.
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Docker Circular Import Hell

Lately I've been stuck on a particular problem with my Docker container projects. Generally, I need three containers to run Drupal: A web server container, a database container, and a container to host any CLI tools. The latter isn't necessary, but it's very, very useful when working with Drupal core and module code.

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Weekend Observations

This weekend seemed to be oddly one of the better weekends I've had in quite some time. I feel that certain things were accomplished, while not feeling "I didn't have a weekend". What was different this time than all those other weekends as of late?

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Docker from Scratch, Part 4: Compose and Volumes

In the last post, we’ve created a repeatable web server container using a single file, the Dockerfile. While this is great, there’s one big limitation to a Dockerfile: It can only create one container. Docker containers are also only intended to run one process. What do we do if we want to run a web server, and a database, and a Solr instance, and a…


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